Monday, April 8, 2013

UK2013: Sudbury Water Meadows

Sudbury town lies alongside the banks of the River Stour. It is unusual in that the river does not run through the middle of town; instead, the town stops just before reaching the river. This leaves some beautiful flatlands on either side, which have several little tributaries and lakes running around. The land itself is ancient common land, used for grazing cattle. It is a really nice place for wandering about. I always make time to walk here when visiting Sudbury.

This footpath entrance is just outside the Mill Hotel. There's a duck pond to the left, and a small part of the river runs to the right. The painted houses make a lovely backdrop to this view.

Here's the rivulet running off behind me.

The next morning dawned very cold and frosty. I walked in a different part of the meadows, alongside the river proper. Footprint trails are evidence of early morning walkers, while the trees paint a pastel scene.

A pair of swans come to say hello.

There are many swans here.

Oh-oh, there's food on offer! A squadron of ducks in line abreast formation arrives to join the swans.

Feeding time... and a drink for the dog.

This is one of several wartime bunkers dotted around town.

Ducks and swans on the move. I think they were curious about whether I had any bread.

Footprints lead on towards the corner of the river.

Frosty, crunchy grass. The muddy areas were all frozen on this morning, too.

Tree reflections.

Another bunker, with the town in the distance.

The third morning was warmer and muddier. Here's a slow-flowing section of river further upstream.

There's a few swans here too. This guy decided to block my path. I decided not to fight him over it. The path was pretty muddy, anyway.

Lots of tall reeds and grasses line the waterside here.

I'm not sure what this tree is, but the buds were nice to see.

Likewise with these catkins and fir cones; Spring is on the way!

And some more.

One last look at the river, reflecting the morning sun.

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