Monday, August 26, 2013


We got ourselves one of those trail cameras the other day. We've been talking about getting one for ages, to see what nocturnal visitors we might get from the animal kingdom. They have motion detectors and infra-red flash/sensors so that if anything passes by, day or night, it should get photographed. I am discovering that one must be careful about where the camera is pointing; grasses waving in the breeze will result in 300 pictures of an empty lawn! However, point it in the right place and it will reveal nocturnal activity.

Here are some visitors, from the first week or so of camera ownership...

First up; it seems that Snowman is still making his rounds, although we haven't seen him by daylight for many months now. We saw him two nights in succession.

Here's a Roadrunner just in front of the tall grass (click for a bigger image on all of these).

One night we caught this fox.

And we get deer all the time, of course.

This one decided to photobomb the camera last night (he better not have been eating my plants at the time, either!)

Two nights ago, something broke through the cat flap to eat the bird food in the sun room. I suspect this raccoon is the culprit...

And of course, Smokey gets picked up doing his rounds :-)