Friday, March 1, 2013

Keyhole Garden

As if having two major projects on the go wasn't enough, we are starting the next one already! This is going to be a Keyhole Garden. This is a concept of a raised garden bed for growing vegetables (or whatever) but will use the minimum amount of water, which is great in a hot climate such as ours. You build it in a 6-foot diameter circle, with an indentation (the keyhole) to allow you to reach the centre. In the centre, there is a mesh tube, into which you put kitchen scraps and garden green matter. There's a little more to the construction but this is the basic idea. It is supposed to be pretty much self-sustaining once you get it going.

We are inspired to try this from an article in the Texas Co-Op Power magazine, about keyhole gardening that appeared last February. If you Google the term, there are plenty of resources around; the technique seems be getting popular.

In the picture below, we have mown some grass and dumped a pile of bricks. We will use the bricks to level the ground a bit before construction starts. As always, watch this space...