Friday, January 31, 2014


I've seen enough episodes of 'The Simpsons' and films to know that in America, sometimes the local Mayor will proclaim it to be a certain day. I've never actually seen this in real life until now. When we heard that one of our favorite local singer/songwriters was going to be honored at City Hall in Austin, we had to go along!

Here's City Hall. It's a very cool building. Lots of interesting angles in the architecture.

Inside the Council Chambers, they put Cheryl's album cover on the screen.

Cheryl played a song before the proclamation.

A few more shots of the Council Chamber while Cheryl's on.

The Proclamation is read out. I don't know who the lady in pink is but she seemed to be the main speaker in the Mayor's place. The Mayor himself was busying himself with the recipient of the next Proclamation who was the reason for all the TV cameras in the room. His loss!

(too bad they didn't get the spelling right but what can you do?)
Cheryl is presented with the official Proclamation.

And that was it! Short but sweet.