Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why nothing gets done easily around here any more

Cats. Specifially, cats and doors.

Example: I wish to go for a walk. This requires me to get changed and leave the house. Easy, right?

Well, I first need to go into the bedroom to change. This means I have to outrun the cats to the bedroom door, or distract them by throwing a toy in the opposite direction.

Assuming I succeed, the door is quickly closed and I can get changed into walking/cycling/whatever gear. Now I have to get out of the bedroom again. You may remember this picture:

This still firmly applies, except they're bigger now. So I open the door, they race in, I grab one, put him or her in the adjacent restroom, close that door, retrieve the other one from wherever they've gone in the bedroom (if it's Bandit, she's likely to be half way up the bamboo blind by now), leave the bedroom, close the door. Let the trapped cat out of the restroom. First stage done.

Now I have to put my shoes on, which are in the laundry room. Let me again refer you to a previous picture:

They're less fluffy now, but still just as interested in laces. Dancing around inquisitive cats, I eventually get the shoes on. Now I have to get out of the front door, without letting the cats out. Again, a diversion is necessary, but they are not silly, and if you're not extremely quick in opening, getting through and closing the door, those little missiles will be out. Smokey's nose must have bumped off the door jamb this morning, he was so fast!

Luckily, by the time I've been out for 30-40 minutes, they tend to be asleep, so one can slink into the house quietly without being molested by moggies.

However, when coming in from a car journey, things are not so simple... they know the sound of the garage door, and cars arriving in the garage, and the key in the lock. Guess what happens next?

Cats escaping into the garage (via 12seconds.tv)

Cue the next five minutes being spent retrieving cats from the dark corners of the garage, providing you can find them! No wonder everything takes ten more minutes than you anticipate...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bandit and her collar

She hates it, but is resigned to it... We are both looking forward to
the day she can remove it.

Cat in a sink

Smokey found himself a cat-sized space to sleep in :-)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Convalescing Cats

S&B went to the vet yesterday to be spayed and neutered. They went
through their surgery very well and are now back home. They have to be
kept quiet for a while in an enclosed environment. Bandit is hating
her collar but it's the only way to stop her licking her incision.
They're both still little purring machines though :-)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Their first tree!

We have started to let them outside, and they are loving it. Great way
to tire them out, too ;-)

Had to happen

They have discovered how to reach the highest shelf in the room...