Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Glass update

Time for a glass update. I haven't made a whole lot recently but I haven't been entirely idle, either.

These first two I cannot claim any credit for originality on, they are straight out of the 'Waste Not!' ebook from fusedglassbooks.com. But they were useful learning exercises and ways in which to use up some scrap.

I took my ring saw to the edge of the blue one and then fire polished it, to try and make it more uniform. It could have done with a visit to the grinder first as well, and probably a higher polish temperature, but you live and learn.

This one is the first piece I have made with actual lead since I did my original class way back when. I had to go and have a refresher session with Bob at Blue Moon just to get my head around how to cut the lead.

I made this one for an aviation friend of mine.

And here we have one made for the owners of this Fokker Triplane.