Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Feline Progress

Here's a couple of gratuitous cat pictures for you.

Sunshine Cat is settling in very nicely. She is so sweet. She loves nothing more than to sit on you and purr. She sleeps with us at night, too. Smokey only sleeps with us in the cooler months and he has vacated that position for the summer, so we don't have any conflicts there at the moment.

I think she has been very well house trained. She doesn't jump onto tables or chairs or kitchen counters, but she will jump onto the bed or your lap. She has done her business only in her tray, which is nice.

Sunshine is not very happy with me this afternoon though; she is skulking away and hiding. I put some anti-flea juice on her this morning, the kind you put on the back of their necks. She's got very quiet and dozy this afternoon. It has the same effect on Smokey; I think it just knocks the wind out of their sails for a little while. Hopefully she'll be back to normal by the morning.

This was taken yesterday when she was out exploring. We have a very wide open plan front room, of which she seems to be enjoying the discovery. I think Smokey has smelt her on his cat tree though...

To even the score, here's Smokey, sitting outside this afternoon. He knows something is Up. He keeps detouring via the bedroom door when he comes into the house, to see if he can spot anything going on.

So far, we have had the door open a crack to let them see each other, while giving them treats. There has been some growling and hissing, but slowly does it and we're getting there. Hopefully they will be integrated soon...

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