Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Introducing... Sunshine Cat!

Yesterday afternoon, we inherited a Cat! She is named Sunshine, which we will keep. Sunshine is a pretty name and a pretty cat :-)

She came to us via a friend of Alan's - Marla - at his work. Marla's mother lives in San Angelo out in West Texas, and she had a friend who sadly passed away recently, leaving her cat in need of a home. We had been thinking to get another cat for a little while, so this seemed like a good match.

Sunshine is about five years old. She arrived at Marla's mother's house, pregnant, and had a litter of kittens. Marla's mother kept one kitten, found homes for the others, and gave Sunshine to her friend, where she spent the next three years as an indoor cat. She's been neutered and microchipped and came with vet records, which is handy. She certainly seems to have been well looked after, and is super-friendly.

Here's a few pictures... the one at the top is from this morning, when she sat on my lap for the first time! She's difficult to get a picture of since she's always curling around your legs or head-butting the camera... Hopefully better pictures soon.

We have her isolated right now, and she will remain so for a week at least, before beginning a very slow introduction to Smokey Cat.

She has a medium-loud, squeaky mew, which she employs liberally, with quite a vocabulary! She can also purr for her country, and does so any time you're in the room with her.

Caught mid-mew.... won't be the last time, I think.

She is very long haired, too. There's cat hair everywhere already. It is moulting season, to be fair, but I think regular brushing is going to be in order.

I think this blanket is her favourite so far...

Watch this space for updates!

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