Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I took a trip to the UK to see family and friends, and spend some time in my work's office. The next few posts will be photographic (hey, aren't they all!) and mainly feature lndscapes and architecture, since that is what I shot whilst over there. Buckle up...

Austin airport terminal

This Redbud tree had about a dozen birds nests in it

On the way to New York

A sculpture in the JFK terminal building

Welcome to New York!

At this point, I was annoyed to learn I would have to leave the terminal, go round to the next terminal on a train and have to go through security again... good job I wasn't in a hurry.

My aerial chariot to the UK, a British Airways 747.

I'd picked this journey partly because I'd never flown on a 747 before. I have to say that BA gave us an excellent flight. My seat was at the very back and it's not a bad place to be; you can slip out of the seat and stand at the back to stretch your legs without getting in anyone's way.

I arrived in London at some time after 6am and treated myself to the Heathrow Express train into Paddington. Just couldn't be bothered spending another hour riding the endless Picadilly line tube. The Express gets you there in 20 minutes. Nice!

Greeted by some Proper Architecture at Paddington Station.

Look at the iron work on that window.

I found a little steam train celebrating 150 years of Welsh railways.

I purchased a ticket to Bury St Edmunds and went to the tube system, to find the Circle Line was shut! Oh well.

At the other end of the station there are more tube links, and this great view of the platforms and trains.

Another look, including that moster roof. It's a fabulous bit of Victorian building although it does nothing except let the light in and keep the rain out. It certainly doesn't keep the heat in, the place was freezing. A sensation I was to enjoy for the next two weeks.

Off I went on the Hammersmith & City line to Kings Cross...where I walked in to find they'd been busy with some ticket office renovations. Look at this fabulous new roof!

It rises up from in front of you as you enter the building.

Looking straight up from behind where the policeman was standing.

Tip the camera backwards and look down at the other side. Just below the edge of this shot are the ceilings of the shops below.

From here, I got a train to Cambridge, and changed for Bury St Edmunds. Onwards!

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