Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Some gratuitous cat pictures

It's been such lovely weather this Spring that we have spent some time sitting outside, and sometimes I've taken my long lens out with me. And then the cats come and hang out with us...

Portrait of Sunshine

Portrait of Smokey

Smokey languishing

And prowling

Meanwhile, Sunshine has taken over the old barbecue table...

Smokey is watching the birds

Calm; before...

The inevitable storm...


  1. Those last two are hilarious. Smokey still not over the moon about Sunshine I take it?

    1. Not especially. And of course, now she hates him right back, since he's always doing this. No peace for the wicked!

  2. Loved seeing Sunshine again. Her daughter looks just like her except she is a tabby. Thank you so much for taking her in!