Sunday, March 6, 2016

Front Yard update

Spring is sprung, and I got The Twitch on to get some new plants. 

A friend and I went to a garden center we hadn't been to before and ended up with a few things. 

There's a variegated garlic, a gerbera and a fuzzy Jew on the right. 

The Twitch didn't go away, and since its been such lovely weather recently, today I procured Tank #2 for the front yard. This has gone into the shady end which doesn't get any direct sun, so I got shade tolerant ferns and Impatiens flowers. 

I also put a few new plants into Tank #1 since we lost the pencil cactus, unfortunately. The chap at the garden center advised leaving them in their pots for a bit so I just plopped them in place as you see here. 

Here's the whole tank. 

You can see the drapey thing has grown, and we even have a blue flower :-) (bottom left)

I moved the Gerbera to the back yard as I don't think it was getting enough sun where it was. 

So; onwards. 

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