Friday, September 28, 2012

Random Assortment

I have been making random things.... I made this orange Jeep, for reasons that will become clear in time:

I thought I'd use up some scrap and make a 60s-style square thing. It has a couple of aluminium flower inclusions in there, too. I will probably slump this into a dish but I'm not sure how to deal with the blue edge that has squidged out a bit. Cold working may be required here before I do anything else.

I made one of these stained glass flowers a while ago, for a friend. Took friggin' ages to grind out all the wavy edges on the petals. So I thought I'd try one again now I have a ring saw. I can report it makes life a lot easier! It's still a pig to copper-foil though; some of the smaller-radius curves have some judicious snips in the foil...

Here's the lizard after slumping into a dish, just because I can.

Finally, here's a Techno Flower that I made for Alan. It is the same construction as the purple version a few posts back, fused at the same temperature (1430F). However this one has ended up a lot less textured, due to the fact that black glass is a lot softer than other colours, so it spreads out more easily. You can see it in the more rounded points of the lower petals, whereas the iridescent glass has held its shape better.

I also fused the middle of this dish separately beforehand at 1490F; I wasn't sure if the controlled lines of bubbles would form at the lower temperature. I put a little test piece into the kiln when I fused the main piece and the bubbles formed just fine at 1430F.

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