Monday, September 17, 2012

Kiln Goodies 2

A few more bowls. This first one is 5" in diameter. I wanted to make some flowers. I made some pretty deep cuts in the side of this one; look at the shadows and you can see them.

This one was fused at 1450F if memory serves (yes, Fusing 101 says you should write everything down and I didn't, like an idiot) rather than the usual 1490F. I didn't want it to go into the usual flat sheet. It did indeed retain some of the shape of the petals, allowing some texture to remain. It was also slumped on a shallower mould than the others.

This one is 6" diameter, with two spirals, the top one overlaid in the opposite direction to the bottom one. I used some transparency and clear glass so that you can see the whole pattern. I learnt a fair bit about cutting deep inside curves from this one.

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