Monday, September 17, 2012

Kiln Goodies 1

It's been a while since I posted any glass stuff, so here's a few of the last few items I have made...

This was a test piece to see what would happen if I piled three layers of glass into the middle, with some frit to add texture.

This was a piece with modern curves... kind of trying to channel some of the Wip3out racing series design while in my friend's colors... more work required here I think, although the piece turned out well enough.

Here is where I discovered the delights of dichroic glass :-) Dichroic glass is extra shiny, allowing both the transmission and reflection of light, which means it turns all kinds of colours. It's also insanely expensive, so you only use a tiny bit at a time. You can buy dichroic glass in sheets, or buy transfer paper which has only the coating on, which you then transfer to the glass with water, like a decal on a plastic model. Transfer paper is just paper, so you can also cut it with hole/craft punches, which is how I cut these planes, stars, flowers etc.

So I made a second example of the pattern as above, with dark colours. There's also some iridescent glass in the centre just for some extra shininess :-)

This is a semi-transparent blue star inlaid into black. Five points cut from one piece of blue and joined together again; it turned out pretty well, you could see the join lines but they were not obtrusive.

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