Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Glass Fusing 5

For our final class, we were allowed to choose any mould in the shop to make our piece with. I chose to make a large 12" square dish; quite a bit bigger than the 6" and 7" pieces we'd made previously. I also wanted to do something dramatic.

I visited the shop to choose my glass. I'd had my eye on the red glass here for some time. I'd picked out a pale yellow to use as a base, when Jim suggested that I looked at a yellow version he had. "Hmmm", said I, and promptly purchased them both.

Here's the glass put together in the class. I used some of the iridescent glass I had from my round dish, and figured the blue would set off the yellow and red. I put some black frit on there too, to give it some interest. I used two different sizes of frit, the large and medium sizes.

Here's the dish after I brought it home. The frit spread out nicely. A couple of the blue edges ended up crooked; Sarah said she had to grind them down a bit after fusing as the points had stuck out. I suspect it was the red piece twisting around that pushed them; it seemed to be its mission in life when I assembled it, to twist. No matter. I am glad she was able to rescue it.

Here's a close up of the edge so you can see the frit, and the shiny blue colour of the iridescent corners.

And there we go... my class is done. Will I do any more fused glass? I've certainly enjoyed it, and only scratched the surface of this art form. Time will tell...

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