Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cat Gatherings

If you're waiting for a glass update, please be patient.. the final class was last night, but you'll have to wait until next week to see my pieces from both last night and the week before. And so will I, they're not fired yet!

So here's some feline shenanigans for you instead. We will start with Dark Ginger being very patient, waiting for Snowman to actually finish his breakfast before investigating the food bowl. He's taking a drink while he waits. Smokey, at this point, is off doing the Things He Needs To Do when I first let him out in the mornings.

Smokey soon returned, in the company of Light Ginger who proceeded to orbit the back patio with his brother. Smokey seems to tolerate Light Ginger but he's less keen on Dark Ginger. This soon turned into low wauling noises from Smokey, who had had enough of the two of them surrounding his turf. Snowman is just out of shot here; he's gone to hide behind the pallets again. I have yet to get all four cats in one shot.

I retreated to the computer room, and about ten minutes later discovered that Light Ginger knows how to get on the roof, too... Soon followed by Smokey, and the pair of them disappeared around the corner, to do whatever they do.

I should rename this place Cat Ranch, or something... suggestions invited in the comments...

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