Tuesday, February 19, 2013


It's official; the Brick Oven is up and running! We hosted our first pizza party on Sunday, after Alan's race. Tamzin, Allan and their crew came, and so did Mark and Jessica. We put out many bowls of toppings, had a pan of pizza sauce ready to go, and a stack of proto-pizza dough discs.

Alan (and later, Tamzin) got the dough discs stretched and placed onto wooden peels coated in semolina flour. These were then given to each person in turn, to coat as they wanted. Here's Tamzin getting her pizza together:

L-R: Mark, Allan and Alan hoisting a few beers at the oven, while Alan cooks.

A pizza lies ready to be cooked, while Alan turns one inside that is in progress.

The finished result!

I think the evening went pretty well; folks seemed to enjoy their pizzas and certainly mine was tasty. The oven was cooking them in 3-4 minutes I think; a bit longer if you had more toppings. It was a lot of fun.

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