Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Feline update

Here's Smokey, up a tree. He was trying to chase birds, and was most put out that I was scaring them all off. I earned a swat of the paw for that one.

Sister Rookie is thriving at Tamzin's house as usual. She is mellowing out, like Smokey is doing, and is not as bitey as she used to be; she seems to like a bit of attention now.

We haven't seen much of our little black stray, Snowman, recently. I think he has given up on us. Dee next door says she sees him eating her cat Patchy's food which is always available outside, so I guess he has moved on to easier pickings.

We had a couple of visits from the Gingers; mainly Dark Ginger who has a new collar, which tells us his real name is Carlos. This makes his brother (Light Ginger) Murphy - I knew one of them was Murphy but not which. He's not been by in a while though.

The deer were out in force the other morning. Here's one of them passing by the kitchen window.

And back to Smokey again... He and Bandit used to both fit in this cat bed when they were young, with room to spare. Smokey has taken to sitting on the table in the sun room, so I took this old bed out of the garage the other day for him to have somewhere warm to sleep when I'm out. It seems to be a hit!

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