Tuesday, January 29, 2013

An Assortment of Glassworks

Here's a roundup of things I have made recently.

First up, I made a squadron of sixteen little P-51 Mustangs, for a gathering of aviation photography friends.

Then I made a balloon; this one is about seven or eight inches tall. I gave this to the balloon club as a door prize; I think Ronda won it.

I made these four little 3" tall balloons for window or Christmas tree hanging. I later made five more and gave them as gifts.

This was my first proper attempt at pattern bar designing. You make square bars and slice them up, then lay them out and fuse it together. The fusing part worked fine, but unfortunately it cracked while slumping. You can see the wavy line across the right hand side.

This little blue dish was the first pattern bar experiment. I deliberately slumped it off-centered; it ended up all wonky anyway so I built on that...

This one I made for friend Diane, who likes purple.

This is probably the best pattern bar result, unfortunately I put a flaw in here without realising. I will pay more attention to my construction next time. This annoys me.

Alan wanted something to give to his friend Marla, so I made this little window hanger.

This one was for Doug and Carla. I don't know why the green glass ended up with the dark lines at the edges. Just the way glass reacts, I guess.

Friend Terri also likes purple, so she got this one. The stars are dichroic transfer decals but unfortunately a lot of the points bent over during fusing. Perhaps I waited too long before firing the piece and they dried out too much.

Marla apparently really loves glass, so Alan gave her this square dish, too. It is difficult to photograph the shape of these bowls, it is more elegantly shaped in real life than it looks here. The square mould I have has a nice gentle curve to it.

Finally, here's a bunch of them together. The little green bowl on the left did not slump very well; it has a very round bottom. I keep a marble in there now for extra randomness. The black and purple dish with the square middle is another slicing experiment; I made a casting which I didn't like, so I cut it into strips and reassembled them sideways, to get the pattern you see here.

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