Sunday, April 22, 2012

Scrap Clock

One of the good things about fused glass is that you can use up all the scrap glass. Just throw it into a project and fuse that sucker! Not like with stained glass, where you end up with boxes of scrap... I need to get good with mosaics, or something.

So I took the scrap that I've accumulated from my class and the recent dishes that I made, and put it into this casting ring.

Proper glass fusing folks will spot the mistake here... I realised at 1230F that there was no barrier between the glass and metal, so if it went up to 1400+ fusing temperatures, this puppy was going to stick like glue to the steel ring, and be a right royal pain to remove, not to mention probably ruining the piece. I aborted the firing, annealed the glass and brought it back down to room temperature. Luckily, it had just got to the tack fusing stage and hadn't stuck too much to the metal; it came out without much hassle. *whew* - lesson learned!

Because it was holding together just fine by itself, I elected to fuse it without the ring (not that I think it would have gone back in anyway). So eight hours later, I had a fused disc.

And two hours (and several geological ice ages) later, I had drilled a hole with my grinder bit... verrrrryy...sloowwly.... which allowed me to turn this into the Scrap Clock you see here!

The hands that came with the mechanism were gold. Not having that; so I painted them black, and the second hand is metallic blue. Because; why not?

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  1. Gaaaaahhhhhh! No wonder you love working with glass!!! This is beautiful, Jo :D