Sunday, April 8, 2012

Brick Oven Update

A quick brick oven update, for those of you who may be curious.

Alan has been trying to get work done on this oven all year, but has been stymied by the weather and cold temperatures that prevent him using the fire cement. But he has made some progress over the last couple of weekends.

He is up to five rows of brick! You can really see the hemisphere taking shape now.

And he has made the first row of bricks of the arched tunnel. Here they are on the former. Alan made a new former which is much better than the first one; he found a better material to make the curved top with and it's a proper curve now, rather than the creased cardboard he had before. So now we have a nice regular arch of bricks.

And for the first time, we can get a sense of how it will be to look down the tunnel into the oven.

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