Friday, March 18, 2011


This is Snowman.


He is a wandering stray that lives in the neighbourhood. He is a wily and bold cat. He is friends with Bandit, and we have often seen them walking together, or just sitting in the back yard.

He also likes to eat, and is not shy about taking opportunities. Since Bandit showed him where her food was, he will slink into our kitchen and help himself, if the back door is open! On several occasions now, I have spied a black backside high-tailing it out of the house when I've come downstairs.

His ear is clipped as a marker; he must have been trapped and neutered at some point in his life.

And if you're wondering why we call him Snowman... well, the Bandit's best friend in the movie was Snowman the truck driver... and it seemed nicely ironic :-)

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