Friday, March 4, 2011

Besieged by waily cats

This morning, these two were due at the vet for their first annual checkup.

Cue much wailing and mewing since I wouldn't let them outside.

More wailing and yowling in the car. It really is amazing, the variety of noises these cats can produce.

At the vet, Bandit was not convinced but she allowed herself to be weighed and examined, before receiving the three vaccinations they both required.

Smokey, however, turned into a growling, hissing, ball of grey clawy fury whenever a vet or technician tried to get near him... We skipped the weighing and exam. It took three of them, a towel and a leash round his neck to hold him still for three of the fastest injections you ever saw.

The vets and techs all scarpered, while I calmed Smokey down and got him back in his box.

More mewing on the way home, although mainly resigned-sounding.

And now we are all in the house. But since the vet said I should keep them in today, more wailing is going on. They want Out! So I am besieged, while they make sure I know they are there.


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