Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Desperate Cats

Here is a typical morning in our house, bearing in mind I won't let the cats out when it is still dark. Current sunrise is about 07:10.

05:29 - Smokey wants to go outside.
05:30 - Alan and I feed the cats and sit down to breakfast.
05:45 - Alan departs for work. I hold Smokey otherwise he will escape into the garage.
05:46 - Smokey really wants to go outside. Meowing commences.
05:58 - Meowing is louder.
05:59 - Meowing is very insistent.
06:10 - Bandit decides she won't be a part of this and goes back to sleep. If she can, with all this racket going on.
06:15 - Intermittent, yet persistent meowing is spelled by prowling back and forth around the dining room, scratching the carpet to get my attention.
06:30 - Other ways of getting my attention are explored, such as attaching claws into my feet. Meowing continues. I explain to Smokey that I can't make the sun rise any quicker, but he doesn't seem to care.
06:45 - Meowing subdues slightly while Smokey and Bandit engage in some fighting.
06:50 - Bandit takes over mewing for a while to give Smokey a rest.
06:53 - Smokey is back on the case.
07:00 - A path is being worn between my chair and the door.
07:09 - Bandit walks over and mews politely to tell me the sun has risen.
07:10 - I let them out. PEACE reigns again.


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