Monday, September 21, 2015

Shapes and a plant

Not a whole lot to report on the front yard; it's been too damn hot to do much out there. However, we did lay out some shapes in the garden with metal edging strips. These will be largely hidden eventually but should level out some of the slope in the ground. I've also got a roll of landscape fabric sitting here, ready to put down as a weed barrier. Once that's in place, it's Rock Time.

Today, a nice lady in a neighboring subdivision posted that she had some Red Yucca plants to get rid of. Nice big full grown ones. I managed to snag one! I've been thinking about getting one for our big pot, to put into the back corner of the garden. It's not quite full sun there, but Red Yuccas are supposed to be tolerant of a bit of shade, so I'll try it and see how it gets on. These plants put out six foot tall stalks with pinky-red flowers on, when they bloom. They're also technically an agave, not a yucca at all, so go figure. Hopefully there will be enough sun to get it to bloom.

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