Monday, October 21, 2013


Let's see how these two are doing. Sunshine has been with us for several months now, and both cats are finally getting used to each others' presence, even if they don't like it.

This was a month or two ago. There was mutual growling going on here.

A couple of weeks ago, with Smokey asserting his position. Sunshine was just sitting there.

They're using the same sleeping spots these days, although not at the same time. Sunshine here had the temerity to get onto Smokey's tower, and you can see the look he is giving her! However, both cats settled down for a snooze shortly afterwards.

The other day, I took my computer into the sun room to work for a while. I ended up being accompanied by both cats... Smokey sat inside for an hour or so which was lovely.

Meanwhile, Smokey is sleeping on the guest bed again. He's spent all summer in the sink, which is cooler, but now the heat is going away, he wants his comfort.

And Sunshine is getting a taste of the outdoors. She loves to roam the front courtyard. She is telling me all about what she can see from the top of the wall, here.

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