Sunday, July 14, 2013

UK2013: Miserden

I stayed with my Dad while I was in Gloucestershire for the week. He lives in Cheltenham, while my Mother lives near Stroud. We drove out and met in Miserden village, about half way between the two.

Miserden is a very nice ancient Cotswold village and has numerous footpaths around it running through the hills, which makes it popular for walkers. It is also slightly unusual in that most of the village buildings are owned by one family. You can tell which ones are theirs as they're all painted with the same creamy-yellow colour on their doors and windowframes.

We decided to have a nosey around the village before lunch, and took a visit to the local church. Here's the lytch gate; very common in Gloucestershire. They serve as the main entrance into the church, and as a place to take shelter.

The church in all its Cotswold Stone glory. Shaped yew trees are another feature common in Gloucestershire churchyards.

A moss-covered gravestone, set amongst a patch of snowdrops.

This is the grave of Pat Smythe, a famous British horsewoman and author.

Leaving the churchyard, we come out opposite the war memorial.

Returning to the centre of the village, we find this old tree dominating the road junction, while serving as a bus shelter and village noticeboard.

And finally, no decent village is complete without a proper pub! This is the Carpenters Arms, a splendid establishment serving fine ales and a really great selection of vegetarian and vegan meals. They also have a cute pub cat :-)

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