Monday, June 10, 2013

Brick oven: Rebar

It's been a while since Alan has had the time and the weather to work on the oven, but we finally got a chance this weekend. We had a bit of a setback; all the insulation blew off during a storm a couple of months ago. So the first job was to reinstall the fibreglass panels.

Then Alan set about bending lengths of rebar, to make a cage for the outside. Here's the first hoops in place.

Now we have a bottom hoop.

Now we have two more horizontal hoops, and the beginnings of the stucco mesh layer. Alan stopped at this point; more mesh will be added next time. When it's covered, we can think about the stucco layer.

At least now, if we have any more storms, it will be harder for the insulation to escape...

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