Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Smokey's Shed

We decided to get a new garden shed, to store all the lawn mowers/grass hoovers, strimmers and associated garden-based clutter that seems to have overwhelmed our garage. We'd like to actually keep parking vehicles in there.

So the nice folks at Sheds And More came over and did the honours. It is 8x10 feet and made with Hardie siding, so it should last longer than a wooden shed. Hardie is a compressed concrete-based sheet that is formed into various shapes; the siding on this shed is formed to look like woodgrain, and it does a passable job - once it's painted, you don't really notice.

Of course, I couldn't let the opportunity pass by for a bit of timelapse photography. I asked the builders if they minded some cameras and they didn't mind, so here is their six hours of work compressed into a little over two minutes. Both cameras were running at 5-second intervals. I had a GoPro Hero close to the shed, and my Canon DLSR with a long lens, on the balcony.

This is essentially the same way as they build houses around here; framing them up with the wooden structure before covering them in barrier cloth and whatever exterior you're using. Houses have concrete slabs underneath with all the plumbing pre-installed, but after that it's very similar.

As I am typing this, it is a few days later and the shed has been Tetrised... everything is jammed in there and needs organising already. It wouldn't be a proper shed without that, now would it?

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