Monday, January 2, 2012

Brick Oven Part 8

Alan has spent the last few days busy with his oven. He has made a bunch of wooden pegs, with which to prop up bricks to the right angle to curve them in to make the dome shape. Here's some in situ, although this is a practise run and they're not cemented in yet.

You can see the kind of angle each brick makes to the next ones.

Alan has enough pegs for just over a row, at these base levels. Of course the number of bricks will get less as he gets to the top. He really wanted to get some cemented in, but the temperatures have fallen again and it's too cold to cure the cement.

Alan did get some bricks cut and fitted to make the front of the oven, though. These are held with clay rather than cement.

Today, he made some wooden formers for the arched tunnel, through which he will operate. There will be two more formers in front and behind of these. The chimney will be fitted in the middle of these two shown here. He will lay bricks over the top of these formers to make the arch.

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