Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Besieged by cats

We had both Ginger Cats visiting this morning. Here is Light Ginger by the window and his brother Dark Ginger below. They come from the house across the way and are a little over a year old. They do have real names but I forgot them.

Smokey isn't convinced by them. He spent about half an hour growling at them, but they are thick and didn't take the hint, although Light Ginger didn't stick around for long. Meanwhile, Dark Ginger and Smokey took it in turns to nibble the lettuce from our tray. Damn cats!

And of course Snowman is wanting his breakfast, while Dark Ginger wants (a) to get in the house or (b) to eat Snowman's food; whichever is available... I am thankful he doesn't appear to have worked out what the cat flap is for. Yet. But if I open the door, he's in like a shot.

So I ended up having to hold Dark Ginger while Snowman ate. Again...

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